**Exciting prelude: we won an award! We are officially Cosmopolitan’s Newcomer of the Year and we are DELIGHTED. Thank you to everybody who voted for us – we love you all.**

So, we did it.  After ten years of threatening we finally made a blog. We’ve suggested it so many times, we’ve bottled it, we’ve been too busy for it but 2019 is the year, guys! The year where we’ve committed to working on something together and damn have we enjoyed doing it. Think of this little blog like our child. We created it, raised it and filled it full of good stuff, and if you diss it, we’ll come for you (we won’t). 

If you got here from our Instagram feeds – @thecrapflat and @around.robyn (formerly @almost_everything_off_ebay) – you’ll have some idea what we’re about. Robyn’s an out-and-out maximalist with a penchant for everything, and Emma’s a colour-phobic pseudo-minimalist with only white walls. 

We love interiors. Love ‘em. Love shopping for them, love creating them, love being jealous of other peoples’. And the other thing we love? Feelings, man. We might have become friends after we got pulled up on stage at a DJ Yoda gig, but things really kicked up a notch when we both had Mum-figures who were dying from cancer. 

The aftermath of that time is when we’ve both leaned on each other the most, and also when our homes have started to be really important places. Home became a place we could feel safe in; a sanctuary, and we each built up that space in our own way, to keep the good feels in and the bad feels out. 

All Up In My Space is an exploration of what that means – of how we and other people create our spaces, and why. It’s not all going to be pretty sofas and ideas about curtains (in fact, we know close to nothing about curtains), but it is going to be an honest look at the spaces of awesome people, and how we can create our own happy spaces at home. 

We’re excited to do it. We’re excited for you to come along for the journey. We’re going to reach out to you guys for input as we want this to be a diverse, inclusive and representative blog that talks with its readership not just at it (don’t get us wrong, we’ll talk at you too). We want to always be outward-facing and inquisitive because we know everything we are is informed by the world we live in and we want to experience as much of that world as we damn well can. So, let’s go on a bloody big adventure together! Pop on your waterproofs and let’s get this show on the road!

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