It’s a thing, dammit. Dress Like Your Home is a thing, and we want you to join in. You know we don’t take no for an answer. A while back (waaaay before blog time), the two of us realised that not only do we decorate in total opposites, we pretty much dress in total opposites too. Robyn, the out-and-out maximalist, has a wardrobe of colour, fringing, sparkles and pattern that give her joy on a daily basis, much like her treasure trove of a home. Emma loves nothing more than slipping into something beige, white or black, in clean lines and minimal shapes, much like her pared-back flat. After much merriment in private (yes, all the two-woman fancy dress parties you imagine us having are a reality), we went public and lo, Dress Like Your Home was born, manifesting as a blog post in collaboration with ASOS.

@oxfordone and @natwallers show off their #dresslikeyourhome
@oxfordone and @natwallers, we bow down to your brilliance

But enough about us. Now we want to know: do you dress like your home? Find yourself blending into the walls? Difficult to spot when near furniture? Have been mistaken for a chair more than once? You’re not alone – hundreds of people have joined in with our hashtag on Instagram, and we want MORE.

@pottypower and @the_playful_den show off their #dresslikeyourhome
Nobody does brights like you, @pottypower and @the_playful_den

You might be thinking, where do I even begin? Well it’s pretty simple – here’s what you gotta do:

  1. Get dressed
  2. Find somewhere in your home that looks a bit like the things you’re dressed in
  3. Snap a pic
  4. Upload it and use the hashtag #dresslikeyourhome
  5. Tag us @thecrapflat and @almost_everything_off_ebay
  6. Revel in your glory

We’ll be sharing our favourite posts each week, and the world will rejoice in your excellent home-twinning. That’s an actual promise – all 7.53 billion people on earth will dig your jam*

@miafelceathome and @_bethathome show off their #dresslikeyourhome
@miafelceathome and @_bethathome, you have fully smashed #dresslikeyourhome
@jackdmarch and @so_design_edits show off their #dresslikeyourhome
Love your style, @jackdmarch and @so_design_edits

So jump on it on the double – throw on those glad rags, strike a pose and get your #dresslikeyourhome on!

*a terrible lie

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