This is it. Imagine the music from 2001 A Space Odyssey playing. It’s been months in the making, forever in the teasing, and now, finally, it is here. My very own workspace. I cannot tell you what a difference this is already making to my worklife and my mental health. I’m self-employed, and have spent the last five years pretty much working from my dining table, with neck ache and terrible shoulder pain, stuffing cushions in behind me because our dining chairs are hella uncomfortable. But no more! Because now I have a space I can walk into and walk out of at the end of the day, leaving my work behind. Oh, dear reader, it is bliss.

[Post features some gifted products]

The crap flat workspace
Thank goodness our landlord doesn’t mind us screwing things into the wall

The Furniture

Look at that smooooooooooth desk action

First thing’s first: the desk. And oh, what a desk it is. If this desk were a person it would be Don Draper. In that it is smoooooth and fancy and… white..? It is the Jarvis adjustable sit-stand desk from Fully, who very kindly gifted me the stool and lamp as well. At the touch of a button, I go from sitting to standing, choosing either a pre-set height, or any height I damn well like. Moving from sit to stand regularly increases productivity, concentration and creativity, and keeps the body engaged, rather than sat like a big slug in a chair, which is my usual stance. The desks come in a range of colours and you can fully customise your accessories, so mine has a little drawer (so useful), and wire tidies (so tidy) and is pretty much giving me life.

The Tic-Toc stool and the Ikea Alex drawers have my whole heart

Instead of a chair, I opted for the Tic-Toc stool, which has a slight rock to it, thanks to its curved feet, and is designed to keep your body active and moving while you sit. Fully’s whole schtick is making desk work better for your body, taking us out of our standard seats and into a more engaged state. I switch from seated to standing about every 30-40 minutes, and I really have noticed a positive effect on my energy levels and concentration through the day.

The lamp reminds me of a very chic crane, and I may not have mentioned it before, but I LOVE cranes. Is that weird? It probably is.
The crap flat workspace
FINALLY have a use for the OK Design Confetti Small Tray I love but never found a home for

The Shelf

I have wanted to lay my grubby little mitts on the Muuto Folded Shelf ever since I clapped eyes on it way back in time. The clean lines, those hooks – the sheer, minimal, wonderful functionality of it. And because they are the best people in the WHOLE WORLD, the good folks over at Utility Design only went and sent me one.

pinboard and muuto shelf
Look at these two – if I were a professional matchmaker I’d consider my work done

It’s the best kind of muted green, that’s chiming oh-so well with my big green sofa, and helping the whole workspace feel not-so-stark-and-white. Sometimes I stroke it when nobody’s watching. The little hooks slide along so you can space them out when you want to display your ornamental scissors and bit of old leather. Classic must-have office supplies, I think you’ll agree.

I use that string for tying up intruders. And visitors.

The Other Shelves

And what workspace would be complete without a set of ornamental shelves for you to display your essential wooden hand and alabaster bust on? Exactly. I looked for AGES for a set that were the right size. The String Pocket ones were too wide, the Woud ones were too woody, and then before I started sounding too much like a bear in Goldilocks, I found these from Ikea and the whole thing cost about a tenner.

Behold! The beige and white shelves of dreams, featuring the gifted hurricane lantern, also of dreams.
Such a lonely and desolate print – I love it.

It’s not only filled that nifty little space in the wall, it’s given me some much-needed space to faff, take shelfies and generally arse about. It gave a home to the Robert Bloomfield print that reminds me how small and lonely it’s possible to feel sometimes, and which I love with my whole heart. Plus, it gave me a reason to buy a mini alabaster bust, which is something I think every interiors douchebag should have.

Oi, love, this way
The crap flat workspace
That’s Mr Crap Flat’s grandparents on their wedding day hiding behind the Cooee Design vase
Apple home pod
Muuto tray, Ferm Living tea light holder and Form and Refine cup are giving me intense feelings of love

The Tunes

Guys, I am living IN THE FUTURE. Apple, being the excellent people that they are, sent me a HomePod to try out, and I have not stopped using it since we set it up. It’s voice-activated and plays music and tells you what the weather’s doing and what that song is you’ve forgotten the words to. Actually, I think Siri and I may be about to embark on a torrid affair. Sorry, Mr Crap Flat, but I’ll come back when you can play me literally every song in the world on-demand.

Emma 4 Siri, IDST
Already know I’m going to spend too long rearranging this all the time

The Pinboard

I made this pinboard myself. Sort of. I hacked it. Not at it. Well, kind of at it. In its former life it was a standard cork pinboard, which I covered in fabric and re-framed. I’m gonna do a blog post on how it works, so keep your eyes peeled, because it will be a rip-roarer. Rather than having one piece of art in the workspace, which felt too blocky and large, I wanted to bring in textures and layers, and somewhere I could change up the look and feel. Kind of a moodboard, kind of an art – kind of whatever you want it to be. Except a spaceship, which it can never be.


In conclusion, I am pleased as very alcoholic punch with my new office-cum-display cabinet. Having a little place to focus has been ruddy wonderful and I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to get it sorted out. Here’s saying a massive thanks to all the brands who worked with me on this, to Ikea for making the world’s cheapest shelves, and to you guys for bearing with while I took my sweet time getting the damn thing live. I’m gonna be sharing more stuff on Instagram, including the first thing I asked the HomePod to do. If you can guess what it is, I will eat my hat (I’m not wearing a hat).

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