All Up In My Space is one year old today! Huge moment for us – we still remember talking about what it might look like over brunch, when it was just a twinkle in our eye. Now we’re a whole year and we’re throwing our little blog a first birthday party. The best news? You get to join in, by way of a MASSIVE competition to win a £1500 shopping trip* with accompanied by yours (plural) truly.

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Image shows a grey sofa on a black wall
Robyn loves her Scott sofa so very much


How will it all work, we hear you ask. Well, we’re going to ship the winner to London, put them up in the Boathouse (yes, of course they have a boathouse) and invite them to join us in the Tottenham Court Road showroom for a spot of retail therapy to the princely sum of £1500. Think of the possibilities! It’s going to be an afternoon of Emma advising warm neutrals and Robyn insisting on more brights, please. Head to @thecrapflat and @almost_everything_off_ebay and find the competition posts to enter – we are SO excited to meet whoever nabs the grand prize.

We’re both Made enthusiasts, packing our homes with more product than you can shake a stick at. Actually, for goodness sake don’t shake a stick in Emma’s place, you’ll wipe out a minimum of 27 beige vases. Whether it’s Bobby and Cilla’s bitchin’ (forgive me) dog bed or Emma’s absolutely splendiferous media unit, we’re hot and heavy for the brand that offers options for your resident maximalist and minimalist alike. There’s coffee tables and curtains and clocks to beat the band round our gaffes and we’re absolutely jazzed to be able to boss one lucky bugger into buying things for their own home. But who will win the battle of buying? Spoiler: Robyn, she’s far more aggressive.

two grey sit in a mid century dog bed on a wooden floor with a lamp behind next to a teak table with flowers and blue table wear on it. a green wall behind with travel posters on
and the dogs love their Kyali dog sofa too

It started with a store opening…

Our first ever outing was to the grand opening of their dead-fancy Tottenham Court Road showroom. It was one of our first blog posts EVER, and a rollicking night, where we raided the sweetie bar then had to go home and not sleep from too much sugar. But we felt it in our waters, dear reader – we knew that greatness was to come. But perhaps that was the giddiness brought about by throwing back about 3 litres of ice cream…

Image shows a moody shot of some white vases waiting to be painted at an event
We got to play vase making at the showroom. We were very restrained and didn’t pocket all of these
image shows a cluster og grey pendant lights in a dimly-lit space
Can you get who snapped these predominantly grey lampshades?

You had me at living room makeover…

One day those saucy devils at came and whispered three little words in Emma’s ear. Those three little words every woman longs to hear: living room makeover. My lounge update took the world by storm, winning me a nobel prize and – controversially – a Pulitzer, prompting one observer to remark, ‘Cor blimey, that girl has the best taste in the world’ (allegedly). Thanks be to the awesome team for letting me bring a whole new level of greige into the flat.

grey rectangular coffee table shot from above on a black and white flat-weave rug rug
The same woman who chose the grey-on-grey coffee table and rug combo, of course

The mannequin years

Then, on a quiet afternoon some time in summer 2019 a tremendous thing happened. The folks at Made dropped us a line and were all like ‘want to be involved in something exciting and top secret?’. What was to come was the most significant moment in interiors since the person who designed the sofa thought ‘hang on, there must be something more comfortable than this stool’. They said, ‘will you, the interiors odd couple of the century (I’m paraphrasing) do us the great honour of designing us a pair of diametrically opposite windows in our flagship Charing Cross showroom?’. We said abso-freaking-lutely and the rest, as they say, is history.

Image shows a woman in a white T-shirt smiling inanely at nothing on a grey sofa in the showroom
Emma sits so sweetly
Image shows a woman in a yellow suit lying down on a brown sofa that sits on top of a brightly-coloured rug
While Robyn channels Kevin the teenager
Image shows a room set-up in a store window, with a grey sofa, light wood coffee table and a black and white rug
The lovely lounge Emma curated at the Charing Cross store

*T&Cs apply:  One entry per comment. Competition ends 10 days from posting time, on Saturday 1st February 2020. Winner will be chosen at random from the combined entries under this and @almost_everything_off_ebay’s post and announced in our stories. In no way endorsed by or affiliated with Instagram. Open to UK and EU residents only. Prize is £1500 to spend in on a shopping spree with @thecrapflat and @almost_everything_off_ebay in’s Tottenham Court Road store, up to £150 towards travel costs and one night’s stay for up to two on’s boat in London. Prize is non-transferable and is not redeemable for cash or any other prize. Winners will need to share their address and contact details with us and the team. Winners will need to bring any relevant measurements with them on the day of the shopping trip. Winners will have seven days to contact us and claim their prize before another winner is chosen.

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