…debriefing after Other’s Day. Not taking our pants off (though we might do that too) but taking stock, seeing what we learned, and generally spinning that into something useful. That probably won’t take a full month, so we might try and fit some other stuff in, too.

all up in my space bbc breakfast other's day
Yes, we were on BBC Breakfast talking about Other’s Day, and no, those co-ordinating outfits were not planned.

Saying thanks

We want to give a massive shout-out and special thank you to everybody who joined us for Other’s Day, on the blog, on Instagram, in stories, through posts, on the BBC… It was truly, truly heartwarming, and a really special day. The support we felt, and we know others felt was like actual, real-life magic. Watch this space for Father’s Day support action.

Finding a new community

There’s a movement of honest conversation-makers and grief-chatters out in the world, and we want to highlight them, because they do great work, and can be a real help if you’re struggling. Check out The New Normal who work to connect young adults to support each other through difficult times. Rachael at 60 Postcards runs a beautiful project, scattering hand-written tributes to loved ones across Paris and New York. You probably know Griefcast, but if you don’t, go listen, laugh, cry, enjoy – it’s an unbelievably refreshing way to talk about grief. Have a look at Let’s Talk About Loss for events and – as the name would suggest – ways to talk about loss. And check out our post with Mumologist for more great family accounts to follow. If you have any other places we should know about, let us know in the comments – we’d love to hear about them.

Doing fun stuff

Because it’s April, the sun’s surely about to start shining (surely..?) and we love doing fun stuff. We’re going to do a perfume workshop with Maya Njie and Robyn’s going to lose her shit over all the smells while Emma struggles to make any kind of firm decision. We’re going to go and do a styling session in-store with Mosey Home – more on that later! – plus, we’ve got some great interviews coming up with some awesome people, in some amazing spaces. Here’s to a frankly-excellent April!

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