…making big changes in our spaces. It’s all aboard the choo-choo train to excitementville as we welcome some exciting new ideas into our homes.

a grey sofa with green pillows on a white patterned berber rug with a black standing lamp
Yes, I chose a sofa that matches my mutts

Robyn: finally getting a new sofa

My sofa looks excellent. Especially when you consider that it was only £200 off eBay and we’ve had it for five years. Problem is it feels like utter scum to sit on. It might as well be a pile of bricks upholstered in yellow velvet. It’s doing my spine a real mischief. I’ve been looking for the sofa of dreams since I moved into Foxberry Towers and not one got me going. UNTIL NOW. It’s not velvet (gulp). It’s grey (gasp). It’s not even particularly outlandish (drop down in a full faint). It’s the Scott sofa from Emma and I had a sit on it in the showroom and it’s gloriously comfy and the fabric is so perfectly patterned, it’s got me hook, line and sinker. It’s the first step in operation lounge makeover and I cannot wait to see it in situ! I should say the folks at gave me a wee discount on this sofa for which I’m mega grateful.

Emma: making over the living room

You know how it is with homes – nothing happens for ages and then three projects come along at once. Or is that buses? I never know. But there are some hella fun things coming up in The Crap Flat this month, kicking off with a bit of a lounge makeover I’m working on with (products will be gifted). I don’t want to give too much away, but the marble surfboard might be finding a new home soon… Keep your eyes glued to stories where I’ll be sharing more over the coming weeks.

a green couch with a drinks cart next to it full of bottles. A white cupboard unit has flowers on it and a graphic monochrome print. A colourful muscle poster is on the floor
Goodbye white functional shelves, hello wonderful new workspace

Emma: unveiling Project Workspace

Guys, IT’S HAPPENING. I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever been this excited. We’ll be getting rid of our gross shelving unit to make way for a brand spanking new workspace. I work from home a lot, frequently on my dining table, and my shoulders and neck hate me for it. Also, my general body hates me for sitting down all the time, so I’ll be bringing in a sit-stand desk and active seated stool to keep me moving and make working a more mindful practice. You know when something feels like it’s gonna totally change your space for the better? This feels like that.

Robyn: getting my Bond on

I’m been treated to a couple of tickets to Secret Cinema: Casino Royale in August which I’m pee-your-pants excited about. I’ve been to plenty Secret Cinemas in the past cos its the exact level of wonderment and awe I want on a excursion, plus it’s fancy dress, so, you know, I’m there for it. The reason I’m double-stoked about this one though is that Jamie is a mega James Bond Fan so maybe we’ll leach some excitement out of the unexcitable man. Stay tuned to see if I ever find the perfect dress. I’m already one eBay fail down and only three weeks to go – now that’s a mission even 007 would hesitate to take on.

Emma: nailing haircare

I have been on a haircare journey. Oh, it is a tale. After upping my swimming game recently, my tresses have been angry with me. To appease them and stop my hair snapping off like a twig, I’ve been on the hunt for the best treatments for my fine, dry, colour-treated barnet. I’ve bought some products, some have been very kindly gifted and I’m close to having the system locked down. I’ll pop a little post and some stories over on Insta when the big day comes. It’s all about self-care, yo.

a home office area with a desk made of scaffolding poles. A modern desk chair with green upholstery. A lounge area is next to it with chairs, a mid century coffee table and a sofa with lots of multicoloured cushions.
Think desk chairs are dry? Think again.

Robyn: dicking around with my desk

So I have some low-level back aggro and working hunched over on my sofa is doing it no good whatsoever. With that in mind I’m making some sensible adult changes. I’m a lucky bloody duck as Flokk have offered to help me design the king of all desk chairs. Expect the most significant seat since the one that dragon torched in Game of Thrones. Also Emma has convinced me of the merits of the standing desk so I’m exploring in-between options like this one from Huxlo UK.

A pair of marble tables with decanters and glasses on it as well as vases with plants on a Burgundy wall.
Watch out for some serious LSA goodness

Emma: getting my glassware on with LSA

You know LSA – purveyors of glassware you wanna touch, hold and make your own. They have some awesome collections coming out over the next few months and I’m gonna get to try some of them out. The first collection is hella innovative and better looking than I am, so I’m WELL excited to get my grubby little mitts on it.

Robyn: making a dog’s dinner of things

My dogs are not great in company. One is a mega anxious rescue who thinks everyone is out to kill her. The other wants to say hello to everyone in a distinctly face-on-face fashion. We’re trying to get them to a place where they can behave in polite company so we’ll be taking them to a special doggy brunch at Savage Garden courtesy of Hiro and Wolf. We’ll also be regularly sampling the new doggo menu at BOB’s Lobster cos, you know, you gotta keep it in the family, plus the human food is amazing. So say Jay Rayner.

a man in jeans, a jacket and a beanie hat feeds a small grey dog while another man in a green jacket and blue shirt sits at a cafe table and holds the dogs lead.
The two boys behind BOBs. Should say, I am married to one of them. Surprisingly its the one that’s being less kind to our dog

Robyn: faffing with my face

For those of you that saw the whole face makeover for my pal’s wedding in June you’ll know that lash extensions are a little intense for Robyn Jade Donaldson. I’m after something a little more subtle so I’m going to give LVL a go. I’ll head to Rose and River (literally 45 seconds from my house) and get these bad boys curled to the max. I’m also trying some new retinol as I was kindly gifted the Youth Renewal range by Murad so I’ll let you know how that goes – so far the Inkey List has been bliss for me but I’m always looking for something to make me look 19 again. Finally the unthinkably kind makeup maven @_nospringchicken sent me some bits after we chatted about how awful at makeup I am so expect me to look like Christy Turlington very soon. With all this in the offing, I won’t be getting out of bed for less than 10k come September.

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