Let’s begin this like an early-00s sixth form magazine article – with a dictionary definition. The dictionary defines a nook as, ‘a corner or recess, especially one offering seclusion or security’ which is right up both our proverbial strasses. Big shout-out to the person who asked, ‘How do you make a nook nookier?’. Since neither of us has an actual nook, we’ve taken our inspiration from our fellow ‘grammers – and our dreams – for this post, and you’ll find image credits under each picture. Ok? Ok. Let’s get down to it.

@villaarjunabali giving excellent nook vibes

Emma on nooks

For me, the ideal nook situation starts with its function. It’s for chilling out, maxing and relaxing all cool – the place where you go when you want to zone the heck out. I want to feel ensconced, wrapped up, cosy. I want to have everything within reaching distance, so I don’t need to get up or have my nookiness unravelled for anything bar a house fire, and I want to feel disconnected from the rest of the world, like I’ve crawled into a wonderful little hole. It needs to be comfortable, nap-appropriate and feel very, very safe.

@s.verden proving that grey maketh the nook

Robyn on nooks

Ok nooks speak to me because in a dream scenario someone would create me an actual bird’s nest that I could retreat into when the world became too much. But my nest would be like one of those ones in an Attenborough where the bird has decorated it with tin cans, bits of glass and other odds and sods all of the same colour to make it super jazzy. I want it to be cosy, to envelop me and be full of tactile things, lovely smells, great textures and tonnes of stuff to distract my busy mind. I don’t really want it to be made of twigs or held together with spit but the rest of the nest vibe I am All About.

bed with tartan blankets surrounded by books
Tartan and books is what makes a nook. Says Dr Seuss. The Gallow Green Lodge has the one of my dreams
I love all things @housebyfjord

Emma on nooky tones

You know me – all about that calm. So, for me a nook is going to be tonal and muted, with interest coming from layered textures. So it’s going to be warm, natural tones that go together. Think @housebythefjord levels of sand and grey.

pampas grass on beige walls
Perfect tones from @zoe.interiors

Robyn on nooky tones

I want something rich and escapist that swallows me up and looks great with all the books that are scattered about so probably a dark navy or a black. Or flip-reverse it and have it light birch sauna-style with a magnificent window opening up to the scenery below which I can consider but be no part of cos I’m in my M-F-ing nook.

A dark blue cladded room with cushions and a table
@lightanddwell give such good nook

Emma on set-up

Let’s be honest, the nook is all about half-sitting, half-lying down. Nobody stands in a nook. If you do, you’re doing it wrong. So must-haves are: a comfy chair, something to put your feet on, myriad blankets, a surface for putting things on, a changeable light source and cushions. And a speaker. You might also want some art to look at, depending on your fondness for wall-staring.

Robyn on set up

Central to any nook is an extremely comfortable chair that gives the option of laying flat like a gecko or sat up for the essentials like eating without incident or receiving more formal visitors. That could be achieved with a hammock, an enormous beanbag or a delightfully long chair. I then want all other components within reach; books, teasmaid, candles, blankets, tablet and chocolate. A bell for service would also be useful.

Oh, I would nook the heck out of this from @brostecph

Emma on furniture

Let’s talk chairs. Whether it’s your sofa or an accent chair, you want to be so. Damn. Comfy. A rocking chair is the ultimate, right? Or Ikea’s Delaktig, which you could wrap your whole body up in. Or something like Mika Tolvanen’s Nakki Armchair would do just nicely too, thanks very much. Then you’ll want a footstool. For maximum grown-up points match it to your chair, like the Knut Bendik Humlevik & Rune Krøjgaard Mammoth Chair, or choose something soft and squidgy, or, you know, use the dog. Then surfaces. You want somewhere you can easily balance a glass of water and a hot drink (we go all-out in the nook), as well as your book and your phone. I love La Redoute’s selection of side tables. A nesting one you can tidy away or a tiered one is great if – like me – you live in fear of knocking hot drinks over your phone. The other option is to install shelves in your nook, and use one shelf as your resting place.

Robyn on furniture

I have so many different ideas for a nook you’ll have to bear with me. Beanbags aren’t usually super stylish but as one enormous cushion they are undeniably comfortable so this beautiful ochre one from could be a great nook addition, especially if you have a pop-up nook. I also love a daybed, whether it’s a wooden one with massive floor cushions like the Urban Outfitters bad boy or a rattan one (prepare to pay one million pounds) so they have to make the list. That said, the king of nook chairs is, of course, the hammock chair cos you are a. flying b. can curl up in it like a cat and c. it leaves you lots of room for things underneath. N.B no sharps. Then you want shelving at various levels so you can place your brew and book at an appropriate height for your position. A dumb waiter would also be really useful.

Emma on stuff

Blankets. You want them ALL. Starting with Eloise Renouf’s November Throw and running right along to H&M’s wool blanket. Layer them, pile them, wrap yourself up in them until you start to feel claustrophobic and have to call for help. Just me? Ok then. Add cushions. Different sized cushions. Big ones, little ones and hard ones and soft ones – check out my Earth & Sister corker, which doubles up as lumbar support AND head pillow when it’s nap time, or just hook yourself up to Scandinavian Design Centre and let the good times roll. Next, you’ll want a wee lamp. I’d always choose one that either has a dimmer, or can be angled to create more or less light. Nookiness is next to dimminess, as they say. Then finally add a tray full of biscuits, an M Botanicals candle and a butler to bring you drinks, and you’re done. Your nook be nooky and you may not move for an entire day, which after all, is the entire point.

Robyn on stuff

I want a full sensory experience and I want it in complete stasis so first job’s first: The Barisieur coffee alarm clock is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen and means I don’t even have to strain my brain thinking about when I want a hot beverage. I’ll need 1000 candles, my favourites are: Noa Anxious Mind, Portobello Oud from True Grace and IGigi Moroccan Rose. I want blankets to be plentiful and varied but tonally appropriate. This H&M home beauty looks SO SOFT and their crinkle blanket will add texture. The M&S pom pom blanket is something I own, love and would like in every area of my home. Cushions must be mismatched and textural – Mizzknits woollen balls are good, as is River Island’s Mongolian number.

Credit for the main image at the top is Ikea – we love you Ikea

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