…being AMAZED that we’ve nearly been doing this for a whole effing year. Can you believe it? We launched All Up In My Space on Feb 1st 2019 and never looked back – what a mad 12 months it’s been. We’re also planning some pretty mega things for the year ahead, so do stay tuned, and let us know in the comments if there’s anything you’d love to see us do. Maybe one of us could become Prime Minister..? We’d make Lovejoy King, put David Attenborough in charge and rock off on holiday to the Bahamas. Just a thought. With that in mind, here are a few more things we’re looking forward to in the first month of a new decade…

Emma: beginning operation Bedroom Overhaul

My bedroom is grim, y’all. It’s become the dumping ground for everything we don’t know where else to put. Nothing matches, nothing works particularly well, and in general it is a sad – if comfortable – place to be. But no more. I’ve new pieces arriving and big pans formulating and it’s (veeeeery slowly) starting to come together. Watch this space and my Instagram space for little and big reveals. I am very excited.

Image shows a doughnut covered in sprinkles with one birthday cake candle in it
Feel free to send us a birthday doughnut or 20 | Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

Planning our blogiversary celebrations

Robyn’s already planned out ten outfit changes, Emma’s started a spreadsheet – it can only mean one thing: there’s a blogiversary in the offing. To celebrate our little blog being one whole year old on Feb 1st, we’re planning some celebrations. Stay Gorilla-glued to our feeds for announcements and popping corks, because we’re gonna be doing something and it’s gonna be fun. You’re welcome to send wildly expensive gifts, flowers and congratulatory bottles of fine champagne at any point before, after or during the shenanigans.

Emma: trying to be dynamic and go-getting

I won’t lie, I’m a bit sad Christmas is over. It’s not usually my favourite time of year, but in 2019 Mr Crap Flat and I took back control, doing exactly what we wanted to do pretty much the whole way through. For us, that was a lot of sitting down, eating and enjoying each other’s terrible chat. And now the new year’s here, my brain’s wondering what the heck’s going on and who moved all the cheese. So, while I try to get myself back in gear for 2020, here’s a friendly reminder that you don’t have to feel invigorated with a new sense of self, or start suddenly exercising or journalling, even feel ready to seize the day – cut yourself some slack, make a few loose plans you feel really good about and ease back into the year however you see fit.

Robyn: doing a little art curation for Brave Fine Art

I love ART. I LOVE IT, I TELL YOU. I like abstracts and portraits and landscapes and still life and lino-cuts and… you get the picture. So I was absolutely made up when the lovely folk at Brave Fine Art asked me to curate a little edit of works I rate. It’ll be hard to whittle down as I love everything they do but I’m a Trojan so I’ll manage it somehow. They’ve got a tasty blend of originals and limited giclée prints so there’s an option for every budget, though as is my manner, I subconsciously choose all the most expensive pieces in my endless circle of financial self-flagellation. Watch this space for all the arty goodness you could ever need.

An oil painting of a man kissing a dove
This Stefan Boulter painting makes me feel all the feelings

Robyn: amping up the specs appeal for the new decade

As I get older, I find myself choosing comfort over style more and more, that’s why I no longer wear my contacts for eighteen hours a day. I’ve amassed an impressive array of glasses as a result but one style has eluded me for years: the kind of classic, robust black frames Colin Firth sported in A Single Man. Because of my long horse face, nothing fit the bill… until now. Enter Alexis Amor who spent the last fifteen years producing frames that balance sleek optical architecture with the kind of androgynous chunkiness that makes a girl (or boy) want to weep. They’re the kind of glasses you toss on with a white shirt and jeans and still turn every head in the room. The true distillation of cool. I’ll take one in every colour.

a pair of 70s square tortoiseshell glasses and some thick framed black glasses
I’ve fallen hard for the Coco and the Jojo

Emma: finishing operation Kitchen Makeover

My kitchen is an ugly duckling. It once was the interiors equivalent of The Thong Song and is slowly working its way up to something approaching a karaoke version of My Heart Will Go On. One half of the cupboards have been painted and are looking hot to damn well trot, we have a couple of new appliances, some of which have been kindly gifted by, and the whole thing’s starting to feel almost (almost) like something you might not want to burn your retinas after looking at.

Emma: getting my Ferm Living on

There’s something very new and oh-so fancy coming to the Crap Flat, and is shaped like Ferm Living. I can’t tell you what it is yet, but it’s going to be something worth reflecting on, I’m hoping it’ll help me to really see myself and…. errrr, something about selfies..? Bet you can’t guess what it is with those cryptic clues.

Image shows some white vases holding greenery, next to a bowl shaped like a chicken (yes, really) on a white shelf
Can you guess what Emma’s Ferm Living pieces will be? They won’t be these… Or will they?

Getting serious about skincare with Dr. Maryam Zamani

Emma and I are opposites. We’ve said it a lot. That even extends to our skin. Emma is cursed with a complexion that’s terrified of product, a little dry and a little dull whereas Robyn is combination, thirsty and hysterical (her skin, guys, we mean her skin). We’ve spent a revolting amount of money on our faces over the years so when we got the offer to natter to Dr. Maryam Zamani, the woman behind MZ Skin, a clean, high performance scientific skincare range for timeless, youthful skin we jumped at the chance. Expect us to look like Florence Pugh come February. We’re straight up trippin’ that we’ll be able to pass on all the info on how to get your dermis looking dope this decade (that’s the kind of language the young people we’ll get mistaken for use, I imagine).

Robyn: Trying to get the gaffe in order with some much-needed finishing touches

Someone bloody exciting is coming round to film the house at the end of this month. Scrap that, two someones bloody exciting are coming round to film so I need to get my house in order, and not in the Mafia sense. I got new bed linen to get, I’ve got stuff to stash in the loft, there’s paintwork to tart up. Expect lots of panic bought accessories and even more frazzled, plea-to-camera stories before February brings perfect peace!

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