…whizzing around like our pants are on fire. Except that instead of burning underwear we’ll be running from event to person to place and back again, in a whirlwind of activity that likes to call itself July. THEN we can set fire to our pants. So long as we get it in somewhere. Anyway. We digress.

All Up In My Space: The Crap Flat Flower Be Competition
Tune in next week for more awesomeness from Design & That

Getting all up in people’s work spaces

Since we launched All Up In My Space we’ve wanted to go and poke around the places people work, and it’s finally happening. We’ll be chatting to people who create and people who run businesses about what it takes to make a workspace work for you. Is it lonely? Is it exciting? What are the hard bits? What are their tips? Watch out for the first in the series with Emma from Design & That, coming up soon.

Going to Mars

Kind of. We’ll be heading over London’s very excellent Design Museum for a breakfast to mark their Moving to Mars exhibition, which launches in October. In their words, ‘Illustrated through design fiction, the exhibition will feature an immersive experience that gives visitors a sense of the surface of Mars. It will focus on the raw and natural wonder of the planet, to inspire visitors with the austere beauty of Mars.’ Hoping for some zero-gravity experiences and a vial of Mars dust to take home. Will settle for a croissant.

All Up In My Space: The Crap Flat Flower Be Competition
Let’s get ready to posy

Emma: giving you and a friend a posy

I’ve teamed up with Flower Be for a competition launching next week over on The Crap Flat. Win a posy for you and a posy for a friend, sent through the mail to brighten your week. Is there anything more joyful? Until they work out how to send puppies through the post, the answer is no.

Robyn: Living it up on Centre Court

I, Robyn Jade Donaldson, will be heading to Wimbledon with Jamie for a spot of tennis. This will involve me asking the rules repeatedly (we’ve been going since we started dating, fourteen years ago), scoping out who’s in the Royal Box and paying £20 for two Pimms. I cannot wait. Especially since this year furnished me with an amazing picnic set to haul along. No more waiting forty minutes for a sad sandwich for me. I’m living the good life, filling my basket to the brim and keeping the change from my DIY feast for the Pimms bar.

A teak table with a colourful picnic basket on it with patterned glasses. A green wall behind with travel posters and a large plant
This is the picnic basket of dreams. I shall take my lunch to work in it every day.

Celebrating Christmas

We’ll be donning our snow boots (we won’t) and tucking into a full roast dinner with hot gravy (please, no) with Dunelm for their Christmas in July event. Can’t wait to see what the team have planned for the festivities. Stay tuned to @thecrapflat and @almost_everything_off_ebay for some stories from the event.

Robyn: saving my eyes from being frazzled to a crisp

I’ve a confession – I hardly ever wear sunglasses. I’m just so shit at them. I forget them. I pop them on my head. Often my eyes are sore and I don’t want to wear my contacts so I just wear my specs and then worry about burning my retinas out. Now I’m the grand old age of 34 I’ve accepted I need to do something about it. So I’ve adopted a two-pronged method of attack. 1. Orris London gifted me the BEST glasses chain ever and I’m going to proudly have my sunglasses hanging off my front at all times 2. David Clulow are kindly giving me a pair of jazzy prescription sunnies so even when the lenses are out I can reach for the sun protection. I’ll report back on the success of my scheme… if there’s any sun that is.

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