…living la vida paper with a competition from Oh Deer (scroll to the bottom), embarking on personal projects in our spaces and bringing back Other’s Day with a supportive bang. Come on, June, let’s do this.

All up in my space this june we will be mostly
Thank you thank you thank you!

Saying thank-you for our award

In case you didn’t see either of us screaming about it on Instagram, or catch us on the Cosmo homepage, we won Newcomer of the Year at the Cosmo Influencer Awards and we are BEYOND delighted. If you voted for us, thank you, if you sent us good vibes, thank you, and if you’re anybody who’s ever read the blog, talked to us on Instagram or shown us support in any way, thank YOU. Because without you guys we’re just two people talking to nobody.

Other's Day All Up In My Space
Other’s Day is back

Hugging everybody with Other’s Day

Yep, we’re bringing Other’s Day back for Father’s Day, and it’s going to be as supportive as hell. We love Dads, we love Father’s Day – it’s a great opportunity to celebrate the men who raised us, but for anybody who feels ‘other’ when it rolls around, for whatever reason, we got you. Stay tuned to the blog for a series of posts next week, and join in on Instagram @thecrapflat and @almost_everything_off_ebay where on June 16th we invite everybody to share their stories, pictures or life-saving others who make this time of year better. It’s all done with absolute love and in the spirit of togetherness – we hope you’ll join us. 

All up in my space this june we will be mostly
My gifted WXY candles are Emma’s new favourite thing

Emma: enjoying the heck out of WXY

I bloody love the little things. Give me some flowers or an ornamental spoon and I’m putty in your hands. So right now, I am all the putty in both hands of WXY, who curated a selection of their plant-based, nasties-free candles and home fragrance for me. I don’t know that I’ve ever been happier – they smell AMAZING. And this one is black, which appeals greatly to my monochromatic instincts. Their whole thing is, ‘Why should good candles cost as much as my house?’ and, refreshingly, they’ve created some that very much don’t. The full range will be launching over the next few months and so far I heartily recommend.

a small garden with picket fence, trees and a white table and chairs against a wall covered in ivy
Yes, it is a bloody delight and yes, the lawn is still patchy even without the litres of dog urine that punished it previously

Robyn: Getting my garden in gear

If you’ve been following my outdoor escapades you’ll know the lawn has finally bedded in, the dogs can range at will and it’s time to add some finishing touches for the three or so days of British summer we can hope to enjoy. I am on a mission to kill the snails, paint the fence and GET A BBQ. So if anyone has any top tips on models that do the job but also don’t look wildly out of place in our little cottage garden then do let me know!


Next week, we’re heading over DFS HQ to meet their new range of affordable sofas and stuff ourselves with canapés. Who will fit the most in their mouths? Only time will tell (it will be Robyn). 

All up in my space this june we will be mostly
You can shop Allegro No. 94 by Zin Lim as part of Emma’s curation

Emma: curating for The Curators

The artsy folk over at The Curators asked me to curate, and I did. Nine pieces of art from their collection that all spoke to me in some way or other. Expect double-horse, lonely figures and a good few nudes. I’ll get a small percentage of any sales from this curation, so you know, like, please buy some?

Robyn: Having a massive boner for my Smeg fridge

Can we just start by me saying I know I’m a bloody lucky duck and I am so, so grateful for this: I only went and got a Smeg fridge as an actual present! The amazing people at eBay saw I was struggling with my old model as it’s conceivably older than me. Sympathising with my Smeg sadness, they gifted me a brand spanking new number in a colour that actually goes with my kitchen. Excuse the excited photo of her in the corner of my dining room but she’s a bloody cracker, right? More to follow when she’s in situ.

A white smeg fridge against a green wall with a table with lots of houseplants in front
Wonder in wonder at the glory of my Smeg

Emma: initiating Project Workspace 

I have an achey neck. There, I said it. I’m self-employed and because my flat is so tiny, I work a lot from my dining table, on a laptop stand and it’s doing my ageing shoulder region no good at all. So I’m initiating project workspace (you have to say it in a robot voice) and will be doing a big rearrange and finding an adjustable-height desk so I don’t sit down so much, a desktop computer so I don’t laptop so much, and a variety of accessories because I live for accessories. I’ll keep you posted and do a grand reveal, possibly with Mr Crap Flat posing nude.

Robyn: actually having a holiday!

It’s silly season for me and Jamie D Watts at the moment as I’ve got events and prizes coming out my ears (it feels like that’s literally the case) and Jamie’s got to do some food nonsense at Ascot. BUT we’re going away at the end of the month to Mallorca for my lovely school bud’s wedding and I can’t wait! I’m going to town on the outfits, luxuriating in a dogless existence and generally living it up. Again any tips for Mallorca then wing them my way.

All up in my space this june we will be mostly
Ooo, win win win!

Giving away some awesome Ohh Deer goodies

Guys, this is not a drill. Ohh Deer – champion of illustrators and all-round good guys – have given us one of their Papergang subscription boxes and a shit-tonne of stationery excellence to give away. For your chance to win*, comment below telling us who you’d write to on your new stationery and in ten words or fewer what you’d say. Best answer wins. GO! 

*T&Cs apply. Winner will receive a Papergang box and assorted stationery (may be different from image). Winner will be chosen and notified on email by All Up In My Space on Saturday 15th June 2019. Competition closes at midnight on Friday 14th June 2019. Open to UK residents only. The winner’s email address and postal address will be shared with Oh Deer.

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