Ok, we’re excited about November. Why? I’ll tell you why. Parties! Lots of Parties! And outfits! And diamonds! And shoes! November seems to be the new December with all the holiday revelry happening this month. There’s book parties (Robyn), awards parties (both) and pants parties (Emma). Be prepared to see us as you’ve never seen us before and by that I mean either very polished and glam or woefully hungover. But of course we’ll also be bringing you some ace interviews, Robyn’s lounge makeover and general merriment of all descriptions. It’s going to be quite a month…

Entering every giveaway in the Indie Interiors Advent Calendar

@indietradecollective has done it again! Hannah has worked tirelessly to bring together the very best indie brands offering a month’s-worth of potential prizes leading up to Christmas. Plus it’s a great overview of what’s hot that’s not on the high street. Go check out all the amazing businesses taking part – from Donna Wilson to Kitty McCall and a heap of others not yet announced. We sneakily know who they are and trust us, you’ll want to be entering every single day.

Can you believe our royal bums are going to be on those seats?

Going to the Amara IBAs

You know we love a party. And we especially love a party where we get to dress up. And we even more love a party where we get to dress up, clap a lot and meet some of the amazing people we speak to every day on Instagram. It’s almost exciting enough to make us forget we’re up for Best Written blog (almost). Cue much nail-biting and nervous drinking of cocktails. Also, like, Robyn’s well into a theatrical outfit, so watch this space for something outlandish. Not this space, our Insta-stories. And not today, but on Nov 14th. You can totally still watch our stories before then if you want.

Organic basics
I’m the one hiding behind the wall

Emma: trialling some sweet new undergarments

You know what makes me happy? Big pants and comfy bras that you don’t want to rip off at the end of the day. You know what else makes me happy? A business whose about page reads, ‘The fashion industry is a dirty bastard’. I’m talking Organic Basics, who – as the name suggests – use organic certified cotton to make a small collection of very excellent basics, including the softest T-shirt known to man. They gifted me a few pieces and I’m completely sold. I’ll talk more about it on Instagram, but if you like simple, awesome things, I’d urge you to check ’em out.

Getting our self-care on

You know when you’re rushed off your feet and you haven’t the time or mental capacity to make time for yourself? Wouldn’t it be good to just grab your phone and make a person turn up at your door to give you a much-needed dose of self-care? Well you can and we will be testing that out on your behalf via the lovely folks at Urban App (yes, we’re Trojans(not condoms)). This handy app allows you to order beauty treatments to Chez You so your new hairdo doesn’t get drenched on the commute and you don’t undo all the good work your masseuse did bent double on the tube. The only thing we think could improve this service is if they brought you a sandwich for after. Prepare for zen Robyn and Emma to the MAX.

Skagerak tray
There he is. In the poster I have he’s holding a fireman’s hose

Emma: welcoming a new addition

Look, I’ve been mooning over the Skagerak Opening Tray for months, had its picture on my wall, took out a subscription to the De Agostini fan magazine and changed my name to Mrs Emma Skagerak. Then I ordered it, realised it was on six weeks delivery and have been kicking myself ever since (which is harder than you’d think). But it will arrive this month and you can expect me to slather my stories with pictures of us together, looking blissfully into one another’s wooden faces.

Robyn: Going crazy for colour

Rockett St George have done it again. Jane and Lucy’s Extraordinary Interiors in Colour book is here and it’s a complete pleasure publication saturated to the max and unapologetically worshipping at the temple of colour. I’ve been drooling over it since it hit my doormat. From why we love it to how to use it, if you like a heavy hue then this is the book for you. Use the code COLOUR at the checkout for a special signed copy!

It does what it says on the tin

Emma: hitting up Bristol

I haven’t had a holiday this year, due to the fact that Glastonbury was a financial endurance sport the likes of which my bank has never known. So before I go fully stir-crazy and lose my mind, I’m taking a trip to Bristol to see my sister and Mr Crap Flat’s nephew, and then we’re gonna stay at The Pig, because pigging is always a good idea. If you have any must-see Brizzle spots, I’m all ears – let me know in the comments

Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash

Saying ‘Oooooo! Aaaaaaah!’

We are not Gina G, but we DO love just a little bit more fireworks. Sincere apologies to all the tweens who will not get that reference, and apologies to everybody else for the frankly offensive play on words. Please don’t leave. In all seriousness though, is there anything more joyful than a firework display?

Robyn: Trying not to go to every event in my Halloween outfit

I got my Halloween costume late but I am so into it I refuse to not talk about it. You’ll probably know Rosa Bloom. She’s the sister that makes the incredible sequin numbers you see doing the festival all summer long. But don’t think her work is just for the warm weather cos I want to wear Sea Circus playsuit every day which is very much my fancy dress strategy: say no to flammable and throwaway outfits and yes to staples you can wear again and again. And I will. For Christmas. And New Year. And my birthday. And to work…

Playing Dress Up with M&S

You know what the purest form of pleasure is? New outfit. You know how to double the pleasure? The knowledge that you and your lady life partner created two of the greatest outfits of a generation that bear absolutely no relation to each other thanks to M&S AND that those outfits match your pad. Mad props to our current high street hero for achieving that rarest of things: being able to satisfy a minimalist and a maximalist in equal measure. *Plays Paula Abdul’s Opposite’s Attract on repeat til December*

Giving our Bosches a bash

This is written by Robyn: I cannot tell you how excited I was when Bosch said ‘want to test out our new vacuum’. Because it meant I could call my Mother-in-Law and say ‘Hil, you know you come and clean our house and dog sit once a week, well guess what, we got a new vacuum just for you’. No, not really although Hil does totally do that and I did text her about the vacuum. Why I’m really excited is that the Bosch Unlimited Series 6 I bagged is a lightweight number I can handle carting up and down the stairs which will hopefully incentivise me to use it all the time. Hopefully… If Emma was here I’m guessing she’d say ‘I am an adult, I am excited to use my new vacuum as I used my old vacuum, regularly and without making a scene. But the experience will be better, cos it’s new and jazzy’*

*Emma would never use the term ‘jazzy’.

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