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Being nominated for an award

This blog – this very blog that you are reading with your actual eyes – has been nominated for Best Written Blog in the Amara IBAs. Competition is stiff (snigger), so we’re counting on every last vote we can scrounge to get us onto the shortlist. Think we can do it? Voting closes on Wednesday 7th Sept – click here to give us your vote, knowing nod and seal of approval, and in return we promise to storm the stage, singing Meatloaf’s greatest hits, if we win. And if you fancy it while you’re there, give Emma a cheeky little vote for Best use of Instagram, if only for the tattoo she’s gonna get if she wins.

Soleil Parasols | All Up In My Space: This September We Will Be Mostly
Yes, this is what both of our houses look like now

Desiring some shade from the elements

We’re British, it’s sunny – you’ll probably find us in the garden. But we are also pale, so will be sitting under a parasol. Say, this one, from Soleil Parasols. Or this one that angles from side to side as the sun moves. Or this one for when you have a giant family to shelter. Really, anywhere that we can find a bit of shade from the rain-then-sun-then-rain-again is ok by us. And if it comes in multiple colours, works like a dream and looks smart as hell, well, all the better, we say. [ad – paid partnership]

Robyn: unveiling the lounge makeover

So it’s done, I’ve painted the lounge Dulux Almost Black and I cannot wait to show you what’s what. The sofa is in, the art is switched over, I just need my statement ebay chair to come back from Vintique Upholstery and to grab some finishing touches and I can reveal the lounge makeover to end all lounge makeovers, if I do say so myself. [Dulux paint was part of an ad Instagram but not on here, just BLOODY EXCITED so mouthing off about the makeover everywhere]

Being nominated for another award

The good folks at Bosch have shortlisted us for their Home Influencer Award and we’re pretty pumped about it. If we win, you’ll find us giving a tearful speech in our Insta stories. If we don’t, you’ll notice a suspicious and unsettling quiet rolling over our accounts.

a white cushion with a paisley pattern in pink, green and blue
Imagine this lovely cushion was two lovely cushions and that, my friends, is what you get in the giveaway

Robyn: giving away a bloody lovely set of cushions

Talking of Parasols, the East London Parasol Company does a smashing line of cushions in all the kinds of wonderful patterns you’d expect from the queen of outdoor colour. I’ve got a pair of Suzani stonkers to give away so hot-foot it over to my Insta and get entering on the double because it closes September 3rd! [Robyn’s parasol kindly gifted]

Emma: telling you to enter my giveaway with Clae by Josie Swift

Pop yourself over to this post before midnight on September 4th and enter for your chance to win one of Josie’s really, really beautiful dishes. It’s designed as a soap dish, but ain’t no soap going anywhere near mine, because I love it too much. In fact, notorious smasher Mr Crap Flat, if you’re reading, you’re not allowed near it either. Josie makes all her awesome pieces by hand in Kent, which is where I went to university, so, you know – circle of life and all. Go enter, give her a follow, and good luck everybody! [Emma’s dish kindly gifted by Josie]

Soap Dish by Clae Josie Swift | All Up In My Space: This September We Will Be Mostly
Waaaaaay too pretty to be a soap dish

Robyn: heading off on my hols

It’s been a year since we had a proper break so I’m excited as F that we’re heading off to Singapore to see my best bud and her giant baby (he is giant, she won’t mind me saying, but what he lacks in appropriate scale he makes up for in cuteness). We’re going to see the Grand Prix at night which even I’m excited about, mainly cos I think it’ll probably be like Blackpool Illuminations with cars. Or The Fast and The Furious, but the ones with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in. And of course we’ll also explore all the other things that Singapore has to offer. Then we’re hopping a flight to Phuket for a few days on the beach, gorging ourselves with Pad Thai and doing some Grade A relaxing. It’s going to be splendiferous. Also, please don’t try to rob my house as it’ll just upset the complex itinerary of dog/house babysitters.

Emma: STILL working on The Crap Flat

I know I said Project Workspace and Project Living Room would be ready last month, but they are still happening. I live in a sea of boxes, on the promise of that sweet, sweet furniture within. Maybe this month..? I’m kidding – definitely this month. If we use the word ‘definitely’ in its loosest form. [gifted] | All Up In My Space - This September We Will Be Mostly
Mystery moments at

Doing something VERY EXCITING with

That’s pretty much all we can say at the moment (yeah, we;re that guy), but STAY TUNED on @thecrapflat and @almost_everything_off_ebay over the next week or so for one of the happiest things that’s happened to us on our blog journey so far. [ad – paid partnership]

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